mercoledì 25 novembre 2009

Weekly update 16->22->29 Nov. - ok, here it is

1st part:
We're really running at full steam guys... that's the best I could do this time:

2nd part:
I'm sorry for not have been writing a lot lately... basically we've been adding a lot of stuff, testing a lot and as we do that the ghost of the installer shows up again and keeps us awake at night (I promise you: the Ghost of the Installer® is way more evil than the ghost from Paranormal Activity!!!).  

Anyways, currently we are
- fighting with the installer and the main issue now is that in order to install the shell extension - the thing that allows you to right on a file in Windows Explorer (a.k.a. "My Computer") and show "Tag file" - the program "Explorer" needs to be restarted, and it seems that the technique we use to restart it works differently depending if you are on Xp, Vista or Win 7, and possibly also on the day of the week and the weather.
- working to get soon to a Freemium version (a free but slightly limited Tabbles "lite" + a few commercial versions)
- writing to some paper magazines worldwide and one (!!!) wrote back... have we been writing to the wrong emails?
- getting ready to pitch bloggers in order to make some proper noise.
- thinking of killing Mantis and move the bug report thingy to
- collecting testimonials! Guys, please write your love-story with Tabbles here :mrgreen: 

What we achieved:
- big thanks to nefycee: he made a page for us on
- a blogger named Tarlith wrote me asking for a [url=[/url]serial number[/url] for Tabbles and within 2 days we had a peak of traffic and 7 other bloggers wrote asking for a serial... cool, isn't it :) Based on a conversation with one of them we also thought about the fair price campaign... how does it sound?

On my own to-do list, for whenever I get the chance to:
- update the web with the auto-tagging rules and the one-click tagging.
- make training videos, the ones we have now on youtube are from WWII :oops:
- update the user manual, but before that transplant the user manual to the wiki ... I've actually been trying uploading the current manual.docx on zoho and google-docs but the result sucks, therefore there is nothing else I can do apart from some brutal copy/paste from word to wiki, and some patient re-formatting... :roll: 

- uh, I'm sure I forgot something... better this way :)

Well, that's alll folk :mrgreen:

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