martedì 24 novembre 2009

Tabbles = free for bloggers - and Crowdsourcing



Today my bro posted this link on facebook: 8 ways to kill an idea.

Now, the link itself is funny, being being the curious monkey I am, I couldn't help from digging into the site...which led me to find the M.Sc. thesis of the blogger and there I found this word I've been looking for a long time. This is the definition of crowdsourcing on wikipedia and the article sounds a bit "capitalistic"...

- How do we apply the principle of crowdsourcing?
In our tiny software house we’re bringing users on this forum page.

- Does it work? YES
We had our software localized in 4 languages by our community plus we have a small crew of beta-testers checking and writing on our forum everyday.

- Is it all about the "profit"? maybe...
Well, it's always about the profit... depends what kind of "profit" one is looking for. At this stage, we're not yet profitable, but nonetheless we deeply love what we're doing. When you love something, one of the most rewarding thing is sharing what you love - and this is a very strong motivator. So, in this sense, we get a large  "profit" from crowdsourcing: we're building a community, we LOVE THEM and hopefully they love us too.  Probably one day we'll make some money too, but until then, we're still getting a lot out of our crowdsourcing.

- the more you give the more you get back?
Once again this let me think of the Balsamiq blog... connecting the dots is so straight-forward this time. 

Free for bloggers, do-gooders and charity (link)

Yes, no hidden trick here! :-)
If you belong to any of those categories, just drop us a line!


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