giovedì 24 settembre 2009

Scalable tabbles

Last night (well, five hours ago :P) I said that today I would have added an auto-align feature and a snap-to-grid feature. I still want to do it (if Andrea and Irma approve it), but I realized there's a complication.

We are planning to make tabbles scale automatically according to the number of files they contain. (Think of an ordinary tag cloud, where some tags are bigger because they are more important.) So tabbles will all have different sizes. That would make the alignment features almost (if not completely) useless.

Why do I want to make tabbles resize automatically? Because this could be useful when browsing someone else's tabbles. When you don't know what tabbles are present in a database, and want to learn it, it is very important that the most important tabbles are more evident. So auto-scaling is an important feature, especially because we are about to create a collaborate feature with which users in a LAN will be able to share their tabbles (and files).

So we have two conflicting features, and it is not yet clear to me how to solve the conflict.

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