mercoledì 9 dicembre 2009

Weekly update 30 Nov -> 6 Dec (mini update)



Auto-tagging rules: Maurizio worked A LOT on making the auto-tagging rules and one-click tagging engine stable and reliable. It was hard work as the technology is everything but trivial! We worked on fine tuning when the one-click pop-ups come out, and this involves keeping in account a bias time for renaming a new created file - basically now Tabbles understands if you're renaming a newly created file, and shows only one pop-up when "it makes sense".

File system watcher: this is the technology that allows the tags to "follow" the files as you move them around. basically Tabbles is constantly listening to what happens on the disks and whenever a file is moved/copied/deleted it tracks it and moves the tagging along. The situation is currently the following,
1) it works (apparently) flawlessly when moving files within the same disk. We did quite a few tests and it seems pretty solid.
2) it still needs some work when moving files from one disk to another: what happens is that when moving many (more than 10) files from 1 disk to another, some files do loose their categorization. Looks like the technology underneath is unreliable (that's what we read on forums around the web) and therefore making this stable might need some big re-factoring.... stay tuned!

Installer: this one got improved as well! Wow, to whoever is listening out there, write this down and remember it "making a good installer is so unbelievable painful, it alone makes you wonder why you didn't chose to become a baker or a lumberjack rather than a software developer!" :-D
Anyway, we did 1 milion tests with different configuration and trying different tricks and in the end we came up with something that works ok everywhere. The main issue recently has been the installation of the shell extension: for a while the installer has been restarting explorer to get this done... we could skip this by renaming the .dll each time a new one is built. 

Sales and marketing

Well, I've been mostly testing stuff during the last weeks... apart from this we got the site a bit updated here and here - mostly the graphics. 
In November we've sold 6 licenses! Which is still not a lot of money but it's better than October (we sold 1 back then... :-D). 
Something else is going on too: we'll soon be featured by severale magazines (paper and offline) worldwide - stay tuned to have more details!

Well, that's all for the past week!


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  1. Files are still loosing their tagging when moving within one disk. Even it's only one file. But maybe it's only my case.

  2. @ Rasty

    Could you tell us if you still have the problem with version 1.3.9?

  3. GREAT !!! 1.3.9 is working perfect. Files (even more than 10) aren't loosing their tabbles if moving within one disk nor two disks.


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