lunedì 2 novembre 2009

Weekly update 26->31 October

Many little things going on. I'll keep it short this time!


Tweaking | bug-fixing | tweaking | bug-fixing | tweaking | tweaking | bug-fixing. Getting close to a release which was supposed to be a small one, but it's turning out to be pretty massive :-)

But most important: fighting with Windows installer, Installshiled, Installaware, NSIS installer. Even for us it's hard for us to believe that nonwithstandig the complexity of our app, the crazy GUI, the framework, the file system watcher (soon to move from Win32 to WDMI), the thing we're having the hardest time with, is still the installation. This does probably deserve a blog post itself... Anyway, we're considering doing an RC2 just to test the installer.

One last thing: Tabbles looks too much mac-ish right... will this be misleading?

Marketing: how to tune-up a marketing strategy

For the second time, I posted on the joelsonsoftware forum, for the second time the result is amazing. The first post was here.
The second one is here and I also posted on The result is summed up in this table:


How many ppl


Creative marketing

1 (several ideas)

Involve people, register domains (like launching a movie or a parfum)

Key features


A key feature is that you allow people to organise documents without changing their current filesystem layout. ("People ask how I can find documents so quickly when I'm searching the same complicated network drive hierarchy they are, Tabbles is my secret”)


"Have you ever wanted to put a document in more than one folder? Now you can"

Target specific verticals


"this product solves (put user problem here) problem".
And you can create different products for different niches.

Force it into a niche


Create a javascript trial


We are in the desktop search niche


Well, thanks (really!) to everyone who wrote something :-).
While nothing is really surprising us, it was good to know what people understand and what they don't from our site. This led us to rethink a bit the homepage, here is a first draft.

See ya,


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