domenica 11 ottobre 2009

Rewind: our milestones from June

I thougth I should write something for those who are curious on how things evolved... I'll just copy paste something from our old Facebook group:

11 October: we created the Tabbles page:
I'd say that the group will be replaced from the :-)

10 October: Tabbles 1.2beta1 is out for testing, and it's very cool :-)

22 September: our blog is online!

14 September: it doesn't mean much Tabbles is here too:

11 September: the new training video is out and Tabbles is featured on!

27 August: 1.1.1 is online, with a bunch of new features! Tabbles does monitor the file system now (you can move files around), we implemented the "Subtract" (logical NOT) and many more -

26 August: 100 members in this facebook group!

16 August 2009:We've sold the first licenses!!! We're now at the release 1.0.10.

3 August 2009: Tabbles got its first review and it's a 5/5 stars!

1 August 2009: Tabbles 1.0 is online! :-D

15 July 2009: we have a slightly redesigned homepage and a quick intro! Can you understand what the software is about now?

9 July 2009: Tabbles RC3 is online! We need feedback guys: all of you who will give Tabbles a try and write something on the forum will get a free license as soon as we start selling (happening very soon!!!)

7 July 2009: Tabbles RC2 is online! We're getting close!!!

27 June 2009:

26 June 2009: The beta 0.9.7 is online! check it at

20 June 2009: The Tabbles website is online!

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