martedì 22 settembre 2009


...20 GOTO 10

This is as far as I got with my programming skills... Andrea speaking here: co-founder of Yellow blue soft (the guys behind Tabbles).

Thank god my partner Maurizio went a bit further than that. He once told me that he knows 20 programming languages: he likes sitting with a nice programming language manual and drinking long coffe, he finds it relaxing.

But wait, there is also a third man... actually it's a woman. Her name is Irma: she makes sure the tax office will not team up with our bank and start chasing us all around the continent.

What are we doing here? We want to tell you about Tabbles. No. We want to tell about the people, the spirit and the energy behind Tabbles. This blog has been silent for WAY TOO LONG: it's time we fire it up a bit.

More to come soon. :-D

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